Whether or not you choose to become a member of E.F.A. there are many ways in which you can help our cause.

The most effective contribution would be to talk to those around you and enlighten them to the plight of animals and animal-lovers throughout the world. No publicity campaign or petition can have as strong an effect as personal contact, through which you can directly convey your sincerity and credibility. Most people's views are shaped by endless media images and messages and there's no way we can compete with them. Personal conversations, however, carry much more weight than the most sophisticated propaganda, and through patient dialogue and debate you can spread our message – one listener at a time. Here you can find a collection of some relevant on-line debates (a more thorough list will be featured here soon).

Needless to say, we are also open to any new ideas from our many sympathizers. If you have any philosophical or strategic ideas, please share them with us! Or if you come across any interesting websites, or news bits which you think can fit our LINKS or NEWS sections, please forward them to us. There is no way we can keep track of all the internet activity and there are constantly new developments which can help explain our position to others.

Last but not least, you can help with our various activities including counseling, legal advice, lobbying efforts, an upcoming telephone hot-line, web-site maintenance, etc. If you would like to help, please contact us and we will explain how this is possible. We have yet to become a tax-deductible organization but we hope to become one in the very near future.

E.F.A. T-shirts and buttons are currently being sold by Devilhead Films. Visit www.comingsoon.cz for more details.