Dear Friends and Animal Lovers,

We need animals and they need us! Throughout the ages this was natural and obvious. The human and animal worlds were intermingled – we complimented and enriched each other. But two millenia of European culture were sufficient for human arrogance and selfishness to thoroughly suppress and tread drown the animal spirit. Thus mankind lost part of its own essence and, looking back at this block of history, it is apparent that it was the better part of our essence which was lost. Delusionally, Man “rose” to the top of the natural pyramid where he continues to swagger proudly, unable to recognize his own foolishness and loneliness. Man classified himself as Lord of all creation, thereby breaking the age-old natural order and, blinded by self-pride, is being driven towards the tragic end of human civilization.

We who recognize this absurd reality, this perverted natural progression, are unable to accept the current role of animals in our society. Human self-obsession has turned them into passive food, numb and cheap labor force, living targets, or detestable home pets.

We find this situation to be unacceptable! So let us join forces to remedy it! Indeed, we may be a small minority, scorned by the majority who may consider our movement to be immoral or perhaps even twisted. But who is truly twisted and immoral, those who yearn to live with animals as partners and love them as equal creatures, or those who violently abuse nature, raise themselves above the rest of creation and, for their perverse comfort, destroy everything and everyone around them.

We cannot heal the entire world but we can try to remedy the small portion which directly affects us. E.F.A., Equality For All, is an organization which is trying to rehabilitate the Animal Spirit.