How to Help

Whether or not you choose to become an official member of E.F.A., there are many ways you can help with our efforts.

Perhaps the most effective contribution you can make is to speak to all those around you about the horrific plight of animals and animal-lovers in today’s world. No public campaign or petition can ever be as effective as direct personal contact with people you trust. Most people’s opinions are formed through the endless bombardment of images and news in the media and it is simply impossible to compete with that constant gargantuan force. Personal conversations, however, can be more effective than even the most sophisticated propaganda, and through quiet dialogue and debate you can help spread our message – to one listener at a time.

We are always open to news ideas from our supporters, so if you have any philosophical or strategic ideas, please share them with us. And if you find any interesting websites or other inspiring news stories that could well with our NEWS section, please send us the links. It is simply impossible for us to stay abreast of all international news stories and developments that could be helpful to our cause, but with your help, we can certainly do a better job.

Last but not least, you can support us financially through purchasing our T-shirts, buttons, etc. ALL profits from these sales will be used exclusively for our various activities which include consulting, legal advice, lobbying, help links planned for the future, as well as maintaining this website. If you would like to help us with a larger contribution, please contact us directly. We are not a tax-deductible organization yet, but we hope to become one in the near future.

Equality For All!!!