In line with our name, Equality For All, membership in our organization is open to people of all nationalities, races and sexual-orientation – zoophiles and non-zoophiles alike. The only pre-requisite for becoming a member is that you possess absolute love for all creatures. If you philosophically agree with the right of all species to freely express their love for each other then you are most welcome to membership in our organization. Zoosadists, or those who engage in forced sexual activity with animals, are not at all welcome! On the contrary, you our worst enemies along with rapists and child-molesters!

If you agree with our manifesto and would like to join our organization just send us the completed form below. Your anonymity is absolutely guaranteed and you musn’t even disclose your identity to us. All we need is an e-mail address and a few sentences describing your reasons for joining. This is simply an extra precaution to ensure that our membership remains absolutely free of those who abuse animals for their own self-gratification.


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